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      1. Temperature and Climate and Low Air Pressure Test Chambers

        The High and Low Temperature (Humidity) Low Air Pressure Testing Chamber is a testing device that simulates temperature, humidity, high (low) climate environment. It is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, electronic, national defense, scientific research and other industrial departments of science and technology products or material components’ climate resistance experiment. This test chambers are to assess products or material components’ adaptability during usage, storage, transportation, which is subject to high or low temperature, muggy, and low air pressure environment. 

        ? Low calorific and high-performance water ring vacuum pump control system.
        ? Modular fabrication technique.
        ? Intelligent 32 bit measuring and control system with colorful screen.Interface USB and Ethernet.
        ? APP mobility management.
        ? Built-in radiation shield effectively guarantees temperature uniformity in low air pressure state.
        ? The smart program protects all equipments by monitoring overcurrent, overheat , abnormal power supply and other working malfunctions.
        ? Power-failure and power-recovery operation selection.
        ? Network video monitoring is synchronized with test data.
        ? Visible observation window for real-time monitoring.
        ? Automatic water supply device equipped with ultrapure filtration system and water shortage reminder.(ECQ series)
        ? Environmental servo refrigerant flow control for energy saving and quick heat-up/cool-down rate.
        ? Uniquely operation mode makes testing zone’s temperature back to R.T after test, which protects sample status.
        ? Automatic reminder of maintenance time of equipments and software of fault records.
        ? Optional remote service function and video CD of equipment operation.


        1.Optional Accessories

        ? Independent sensor for protecting test specimen(compliant with NE60519-2.1993)

        ? Lead through Φ50mm

        ? Nitrogen gas auxiliary device

        Accessory bag

        Software for Internet-based management

        Video monitor system

        APP for mobile management

        Rapid release of pressure device

        Rapid recovered pressure device

        2.Standard Accessories

        ? Testing electrode

        ? Electronic temperature and humidity sensor

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